Since many years, you have trusted us and we thank you. Some did not believed it was possible to have a solid skiff to easily get through our winters during many years, others doubted of its maneuverability, but almost all of you were astonished by the UMA17 prowesses. Thanks to you, we are sincerely proud to help you save lives safely.
Montreal Fire Department - From 2006 to 2015, our ambassadors have acquired, over the years, many UMA17 that they have experienced over and over again and regularly informed us of their experiences and feed us improvements that we should apply. Many members are convinced that UMA17 is the rescue skiff of the future and that they should always be used for rescue mission in icy waters. We greatly thanks all of them to trust us for as many years as they have.
Port of Valleyfield - In 2016, they were in need of a team able to secure an old barge before the coming spring and this is what we have securely done in accordance to their expectations. Details, photos and vidéo on this page.
Ocean Group - In 2016, we have collaborated with them to secure an old barge in the port of Valleyfield. The operation went swiftly and all the details are on this page. We hope to have more contracts with them in the future given their professionalism and the good relationship of our respective teams.
Quebec ice canoe circuit (Circuit québécois de canots à glace) - In 2016, we are now the official partner of the nautical security for the Quebec ice canoe circuit. For many years, we were already in charge of the nautical security in cities with no nautical rescue team and in 2015, we earned their price for security. Our teams use UMA17 during the races to watch, prevent and rescue participants if needed.
City of Sorel-Tracy - In 2015, the city of Sorel-Tracy decide to get an orange UMA17 to save lives on the Saint-Laurence river and to make the best of a bad lot will maybe prevent dogs from going adrift on their territory as the incident that happened to them in the beginning of the year which spread internationally. If this scenario happens again, they will have an efficient tool to save doggy.
SPVM - Montreal Police - In 2015, they still do business with us and ask for a new black UMA17 that they received swiftly. In 2006, Montreal police get a UMA17 used mainly for rescue mission in icy waters and make water patrols.
City of Sherbrooke - In 2014, the city of Sherbrooke have acquired an UMA17.
Laval University - In 2013, this university located in Quebec city, acquires an UMA17 to make winter researches including water and specimens samplings at different places on the Saint Lawrence river many times over.
City of Rimouski - In 2013, the city of Rimouski get a yellow UMA17. Despite the initial scepticism, this client was pleasantly surprised of the capabilities of our skiff and as of today they are delighted to own such a craft.
City of Saguenay - In 2013, the city of Saguenay acquires an UMA17 and since then, this client greatly appreciates it. During the initial training, the firefighters were really suprised by the enormous impact strenght against the ice.
City of L'Ile-Perrot - In 2013, the city of L'ile Perrot gets an UMA17 since a large part of this city is surrounded by water.
City of Repentigny - In 2012, the city of Repentigny acquires the UMA17 and in the beginning of 2013, a training was given to many firefighters which were delighted. One of the firefigher told us that the UMA17 was a real war machine agains the ice (toute une machine de guerre).
Canadian Coast Guard - In the beginning of 'Embarcations 4 seasons', in 2010, the Canadian Coast Guard have acquired 2 UMA17 that are still in use today.
City of Levis - In 2006, the city of Levis acquires a UMA17 that will be used in winter as well as in summer.
Makivik Corporation Kuujjuak - In 2006, this corporation located in the Far North of Quebec province bought the UMA17 to be used as a rescue boat and to be used for transport since they are regularly exposed to extreme winter conditions.
Les Croisières Lachance - The captains of our ferry boat company sometimes use the UMA17. We believe in our product and from time to time we have used it to do rescue missions in our region when the rescue services are unavailable or too far away.