Rescue boat
conceived for
extreme ice-free
open water conditions

Finally, here is our long-awaited new-born boat, the UMA 21.

The UMA 21 is the rescue boat awaited by all public and naval security services to perform rescue missions in a rapid and secure way in extreme water conditions.

Inspired by the UMA 17 and asked by many public services, the UMA 21 is more spacious and faster while being easier to sail and having a longer range of action.

Equiped with a control station, you will have a fast and precise way to steer as well as many necessary tools at your disposal to face various meteoroligical conditions.

Invented by a family confronting the Saint-Laurence river for many generations, the UMA 21 is extremely safe and stable even in very agitated waters.

With the power of its two 60 HP motorboat and its Lachance hull, it can achieve a speed of 30 knots (35 mp/h or 56 km/h) while having a long range. If desired, it can go faster with stronger motorboats.

It has a small draft for a boat of this category which allows it to get very near hard to reach places like the shore, shoals or sandbanks.

We have many predefined models for the UMA21 interior space of which these 4 tried and tested models: rescue, leisure, work and transport. It is possible to modify these models upon request.

  • Through its lightness and its Lachance hull, the UMA21 is easy to steer in open water and can turn sharply at more than 20 knots while keeping its stability
  • Very low usage and maintenance costs compared to any rescue boat in its category
  • Ally perfectly intervention rapidity, lightness, robustness, stability and security
  • Light compared to other boats in its category
  • The UMA21 model S is currently in the approval process by Canada Transports for being an approved rescue boat
  • High yield composite vacuum construction of superior quality
  • Vacuum manufacturing with a state-of-the-art technology
  • Fitted accessoiries and many options available
UMA21 Models
UMA21 for rescue
UMA21 for leisure
UMA21 for work
UMA21 for transport

Technical specifications for the UMA21S
UMA21S boat

Length : 21 pi (6.40 m)

Width : 7 pi 1 po (2.17 m)

Depth : 3 pi 1 po (0.93 m)

Weight empty : 1900 lb (862 kg)

Capacity : 10 persons

Tonnage : gross:2.07, net:1.55

Storage : 23 cubic feet (0.65 cubic meter)

Coulor : Any color from the S i c o palette


Motorboat : 2 x 60 HP Evinrude

Motor weight : 240 lb (109 kg) each

Tank : 46 UK gallons in 2 tanks (209 litres)

Weight with motors : 2700 lb (1225 kg)

Videos of UMA 21

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UMA 21 - Unveiling video by L'Arsenal
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UMA 21 - In action from outside
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UMA 21 - In action from inside
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Photos of UMA 21

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